7 Fantabulous Strategies for Viral Content

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Viral Marketing

Need to get healthy amounts of traffic to your site? Writing viral content that gets millions of views is no easy task, but there 7 tips can help set you on the right path:

1. Use good content

Sounds pretty obvious, but it’s surprising how many sites forget that telling a good story that connects to the reader on a personal level is essential for creating viral content.

2. Produce strong, positive emotion

Online readers are looking for content that speaks to them on an emotional level. Studies have proven that content that creates a strong positive emotional response goes viral more easily than less emotional content.

3. Be brief

Make brevity your friend. People today have increasingly shorter attention spans, and few net users have the time to slog through several pages of an article that does not stay on topic.

4. Catchy headlines

The headline is the first thing readers notice about the article, and it must compel them to read the rest of the article. Try to communicate the interesting aspects of the story through the headlines using easy to understand and memorable words and adjectives.

5. Use interesting images

The internet is not limited to being a written medium. Using visual aspects can really help make the article interesting. Use photographs, info graphics, charts and other imagery to catch the reader’s attention.

6. The numbers game

More posts equals more views. Not every post will go viral, but the more content you produce, the greater the chances of at least some of that content going viral. Even a single viral post can help increase your viewership by a hundredfold, and make up for the content that does not go viral.

7. Proper timing

Use whatever events are going on in the real world to drive the viewership of your content by timing the release of your content to coincide with the actual event. Also, posting content around 9 AM gives a better chance for your content to be seen by more viewers.

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